PHP Training In Nepal And Its Popularity

 Ever wonder, how a website or a web application is built? Or if you are an IT graduate and thinking of making your carrier towards web development or web application? There are many programming languages with which you might be able to build a modern web application and among them, PHP lies on the top. Being a popular language it's so easy to learn and start your coding experience. Because of its popularity and massive career scope, IT graduated interested in php training in Nepal is always growing.


Below data shows the popularity of php language.

  • 244 + Millions of websites are using PHP
  • 80% of major sites are still using PHP
  • It's supported by all Operating Systems
  • PHP is installed in almost 1 milliion+ servers
  • Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Wikipedia are a very small number of huge traffic driving sites to list
  • World’s top 3 popular sites (websites with the highest traffic) are no other than build with PHP


Php training in Nepal has a lot of reasons to be popular at. All programming languages are judged on the basis of various criteria. Some of them are listed below.


Compatibility  :- Php is supported by all major operating systems and many web servers like Apache,nginx ,IIS and much more support php .Furthermore, almost all of the major databases are supported by PHP.


Scalability :- This feature describes how much scalable does an application built from any language becomes. Some years ago it was a major concern for php but once facebook built with this language supports more than 2 billion daily active users it is a debate that has nothing to worry about.


Open source :- For any developers, PHP comes absolutely free of cost. You as a developer can be a contributor to this language.


Easy to learn and use:-

  • Its one of the  easiest language to learn and advance your career as a developers
  • Extensive ad large Community support and good documentation
  • Why do I care about community support? You are thinking very generic and wise question if you are a newbie developer. And you would absolutely have an answer to this once you got into the development path. Community support is a very important thing or consideration to choose a better language.
  • Good bunch of Frameworks and CMS
  • PHP outbids all other languages in the category of frameworks and these frameworks boost developers efficiency of building applications.


Sites supported by PHP and its scalability:-

  • Facebook : Most popular social media
  • Wikipedia : Top 5 websites
  • Yahoo : The website 7billion monthly visits with 6th most popular websites
  • Baidu: Popular Search engine of China.
  • Tumblr: top 100 most visited sites
  • Flickr: Photo sharing platform
  • Wordpress: its the most popular site that hosts blogging and CMS.
  • a social media site


What’s PHP ?

PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language designed especially for Web development. Php code can be embedded directly with HTML code so it’s very easy to get started.

IT is an interpreted language and scripts are parsed at run time rather then compiled time.

It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. from 1994-2019 it has gone through major changes and has arrived in a version php 7.0 . With this huge boost in  efficiency and huge popularity, PHP is equipped with lots of CMS and web development framework.


  • CMS Frameworks in php
  • Wordpress(blogging and cms)
  • Joomla(cms)
  • Drupal(cms)
  • opencart(ecommerce)
  • Magento(ecommerce)
  • Woocommerce(ecommerce)
  • Bitrix
  • Prestashop(ecommerce)
  • Likewise,
  • popular php frameworks are :
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • YII
  • Symfony
  • Cake PHP
  • and many more..


With all these features,popularity  and career scope ,PHP training in Nepal is growing on a huge pace .



If you are looking for a computer training institute for php training in Nepal or any other IT related training, feel free to contact TechAxis. We will be more than happy to assist you in each step of your career building training