A Guideline to Become Flutter Developer  Like a Pro!

A Guideline to Become Flutter Developer  Like a Pro! 

Mobile app development is growing at a breakneck speed and adopted technology in the current IT (Information Technology) industry. This is because every small-scale to the large-scale industry is transforming the methodology of their activities old traditional approach to the modern technological approach. It has immensely increased the demand for developers in the international job market.

We can do mobile application development on many platforms. Among them, we are going to discuss the most popular mobile application development framework Flutter. Without knowingly and unknowingly many of us have probably used the applications made with flutter. Whether you ran the ads campaign on Google Ads, made payment with Google Pay, used digital coupons, or shopped in Alibaba, you are witnessed to use of the Flutter app in the short history of Flutter.

If you are interested in building your career as a Flutter developer, this article is for you. In this article, we’re giving a complete guideline to become Flutter Developer, so, without delay, Let’s get started.

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework in more than two operating systems with the use of the same programming language. You can either build an application for Android or you can build the application for iPhone you can do it in the same framework. Flutter is introduced by Google in 2018 with the objective of making the developer build the application in an easy manner. In a short period of time, it has not only gained popularity but also attracted mobile developers and has created a large space for application and software developers.  Flutter is universal and compatible with Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and windows.

5 Features of Flutter for App Development 

For any kind of small and large-scale business, the Flutter platform is stable and gives the high performance of its custom business apps. The main advantage of using Flutter is that it has real-time support, timely update, and a great rate of customers retention and satisfaction, Along with this Flutter application development framework have the following features:

High Performance

Flutter applications and software are directly compiled into machine-readable code which successfully terminates all the errors linked with the interpretation process or intermediate code demonstration. This is one of the reasons that makes it a high-performing toolkit among the cross-platform technologies of the present time.

Productive and Stable

Flutters' ready-to-use widget templates create exceptional stability. The developer is supported and privileged of creating codes at a higher rate and makes the developer formulate new and innovative ideas being more productive. The easy debugging features and the less code writing in syntax retained and pulled most developers towards it.

Competitive Development

In comparison to native development, creating a flutter application requires comparatively very lower time. This helps in the constant workflow and helps to eliminate unnecessary time. It helps the clients and developers to spend low costs because it runs on multiple operating systems. 

Single Code-base

The single-Code base of Flutter allows the developer to create the codes just once and it will run commonly on both Android Operating System and iPhone Operating System (iOS). It decreases the development of the application by shortening the time. The main driving factor that makes Flutter is that, unlike the native app development process, the developer doesn’t have to write separate codes for different OS platforms.

Pixel Perfect

Along with the compatibility of applications to different Operating Systems, Flutter software uses an internal graphics engine Skia, which is supportive in both iOS and Android. Flutter is apart from only an intermediate representation of the code but also makes it easier to deliver creative design with better UI and UX.

7 Things You Need to Learn as a Flutter Developer

Before getting started as a flutter developer, you should know the fundamental prerequisites to become a Flutter Developer. Here are the things you need to learn as a flutter developer that could help the developer to become more effective and productive in their career:

Learn Dart Programming Language

Jumping to the flutter without having proper knowledge of Dart Programming Language doesn’t make any sense, so first of all you should have to learn dart programming language. If you are interested in coding and have some experience with C# (C Sharp) programming language, then it is a plus point in your learning along the way because C# and Dart programming languages have the same type of syntax. 

Install Flutter SDK (Software Development Kit)

Software Development Kit is the tool that allows the developer to configure the Integrated Development Environment IDE). If you are not familiar to install the SDK, you can watch the step-by-step installation guide provided by the Flutter official website. Visual Studio Code and Android Studio are the SDKs having a higher user base.

Understand Material Design Concept

Understanding the Material Design Concept is the approach of following the trend to collaborate design and engineering with a library component that creates a continuous user experience across the application and software platform. The popular material concept design for iOS and Android is web MDC.

Explore Widgets

Flutter widgets are responsible to build out the tree to construct the visual view. There are many widgets available, StatelessWidgets and StatefulWidgets are the most widely used and important widgets that a Flutter developer must have to learn to increase productivity along the development process. The two noticeable widgets are respectively Stateful or Stateless. In a simple language, stateful widgets are responsible to declare the swap of widgets and statelessly is typically inverse.

Learn State Management and Choose Project Architecture

First of all, you should have the basic knowledge and skill to rebuild the parts of your UI (User Interface) from scratch but modifying it is another section. The thing that we have to consider while creating the flutter application and software is that we can’t ignore state management. Rebuilding the parts of UI in flutter takes lower time even on every frame (if needed). The main objective of building a User Interface (UI) in flutter is to track the current status of the project.

Add Database Integration

After being familiar with the State Management mechanism, you can jump on adding database integration that makes you feel comfortable working on view trees and can easily create your own widgets. The next step after getting the state management mechanism, you should move further to learn API (Application Programming Interface) calls. 

Flutter Conversions Guides

Having any past experience with the framework or having experience on written native iOS applications or Android software opens the gate for you to check the great section of Flutter Documentation that demonstrated an aspect of a particular platform implementation process in Flutter. 

Why Should You Learn Flutter?

Flutter is an excellent choice for mobile application development of all sizes in the present day and is expected an extensive grow near future. Flutter is particularly well-suited to creating high-quality UI design and animations that are compatible across multiple Operating System platforms, with the capability for complex application development that requires heavy data processing. 

There is a high demand for Flutter developers in the global job market. You can guess the scope of Flutter by watching the following list of applications developed from Flutter:

  • Google Ads.
  • KlasterMe.
  • Reflectly.
  • Xianyu by Alibaba.
  • Postmuse – Instagram photo editing app.
  • Take Your Seat.
  • Lunching.
  • Pairing.

Flutter developer in Nepal typically earns around NPR. 30,000 to 150,000 in a months.

Where To Learn Flutter Course? 

Learning Flutter courses from any medium will be worthy for each developer. But what factor going to determine your productivity and work efficiency is the institution's teaching methodology. Although you can learn the Flutter course on your own but joining to institute and taking the physical class will multiply your learning pace.

If you are looking for a quality course of Flutter in Nepal, you can join TechAxis. The modern market competitive teaching methodology helps to perfectly shape the student's future.  


Now, we know the guideline for becoming a flutter developer. We’ve explored the dimensions of this flutter course. One thing for sure is that you won’t regret it in the future any account by learning the Flutter. 

If you are willing to join the Flutter course with us and want to move your career along with TechAxis, you can contact us. We respond to each and every query of you as shortly as possible.

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